Handle up to four different partylines simultaneously. The Q210 P - Speaker Station gives you full control in a cost-effective and easy-to-use package.
Plus, programmable buttons allow muting all mics, make paging announcements or trigger logic outputs. Equipped with a built-in PoE network switch to drive up to 8 wired beltpacks, for a complete, self-contained solution. The Q210 P speaker station is your communication hub.

Q210 P Speaker Station

€ 1,699.00 excl. VAT


Good Fit

Unobtrusive, but well fitting into your set-up. The speakerstation is designed to fit into your standard 19" rack. Comfortably done, easy to use.


You need an entire intercom system? Manage your communication using the built-in 4-port PoE+ switch. A system that grows with your needs. Quintessential.

Ease Of Use

Setting up the system will take no time. Get the Q210 - Speakerstation out of ist box, connect it to an existing network (Dante if available), plug in your beltpacks. Done. No killing of static noise or interference. Just communicate. Quick.

Key Features

    • 4-channel partyline speaker station
    • Built in loudspeaker
    • Microphone and headset connector
    • Rugged, Ethercon™ connectors
    • Easy-to-read colour display
    • 4 configurable buttons for PA announcements, talk to all, and GPO
    • Audio replay of missed comms
    • GP inputs and outputs
    • Analog line input and output I/O’s (2x 4-wire ports + 2x input + 2x output)
    • Built-in PoE switch to power up to 8 beltpacks
    • Public address output (Stage Announce) and program feeds from AES67

From Pro 2 Pro

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Power source 50 … 54 VDC
PSE output power 30W per PSE port
Sampling rate 16 kHz
Headset Connector XLR 4pin male
Connector Ethernet/LAN 4x RJ-45 EtherCon
Gooseneck microphone connector 1/4" jack with 7/16" -20 UNF thread
Built-in speaker 5 Watts
Operating temperature -10 to +50°C
Operation environment humidity 0 to 90% non-condensing
Dimensions (L x W x H) 19" 1HU: 100 x 433 x 44 mm (excl. rack ears and knobs)
Weight 1.7 kg
Bias Voltage 5.8V
Full-scale input range '-53 ... +4 dBu
Highpass 10 ... 100 Hz
Distortion @ 1kHz < -75 dB (0.02%) @ + 4dBu FS (min. gain)
< -68 dB (0.04%) @ -30dBu FS
< -49 dB (0.35%) @ -53dBu FS (max. gain)
Dynamic range 92 dB (min. gain)
59 dB (max. gain)
Output impedance 27 Ohms
Output level +18.5 dBu (max.)
Frequency response 20Hz to 10kHz (+0/-0.25dB)
Distortion @ 1kHz < -73 dB (0.02%)
Dynamic range (20kHz) 95 dB (A-weighted)
Output impedance < 2 Ohms
Output level +18 dBu (max.)
Frequency response 20Hz to 10kHz (+0/-0.25dB)
Distortion @ 1kHz < -80 dB (0.01%)
Dynamic range (20kHz) 98 dB (A-weighted)
Input impedance > 20 kOhms
Full-scale input range +18 dBu (max.)
Frequency response 20Hz to 10kHz (+0/-0.25dB)
Distortion @ 1kHz < -80 dB (0.01%)
Dynamic range (20kHz) 90 dB (A-weighted)
Input connector D-Sub 9 male
Number of GPI inputs 4
Input type Optocoupler input with current limiter
Input voltage 5V ... 50 VDC
Input current 5 mA (typ.)
Output connector D-Sub9 female
Number of GPI outputs 4
Output type PhotoMOS Relay
On resistance < 3 Ohms
On current 200 mA (max.) - resettable PTC fuse 400 mA
Maximum voltage 50 VDC / 35 VAC
(*) all specifications are subject to change without notice