The easy-to-use Q110 Beltpack offers two channels of partyline intercom and is packed full of features to help crews communicate better. Just connect using standard network cabling into any PoE switch and even daisy-chain up to 8 beltpacks together. Users can switch partylines, choose different program feeds and even make public address announcements.

Q110 Beltpack

€ 599.00 excl. VAT


Plug & Play

Get it out and get things done. There is no time on site. That's why the plug & play concept of the Q110 beltpack will be your favourite. Just get it ouf its box, plug it into a network and start communicating. Quick.

Ease Of Use

You don't want to study a manual explaining features you probably would never use in the first place. You want your gear get going. So we strapped the beltpack down what is necessary. No gimmicks, no fancy decoratoins, no bullshit. Just the tool. Quintessential.


You have to have a couple of people working close? Daisy-chain their beltpacks and spare some extra equipment. Quick.

Replaceable beltclip

You want to remove or replace the beltclip? No problem, in just one second - without the need of a screwdriver or any other tool. Quick.

Key Features

    • 2-channel partyline beltpack
    • Daisy-chain up 8 beltpacks using PoE bt (4 using PoE at)
    • Audio replay of missed comms
    • Public address output and program feeds from AES67
    • Easy-to-read color display
    • Flexible configuration
    • IP54-rated

From Pro 2 Pro

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Power Source PoE (max. 15W)
PoE (max. 30W)
4-pair PoE (max. 90W)
Power consumption 2.5W typ. 3.5W max.
Sampling Rate 16kHz
Connector headset XLR 4pin male
Connector LAN/PoE RJ-45 EtherCon
Bias Voltage 5.8 V
Full-scale input range -53 ... +4 dBu
Highpass 10 ... 100Hz
Distortion @ 1 kHz < -75 dB (0.02%) @ + 4dBu FS (min.gain)
< -68 dB (0.04%) @ - 30dBu FS
< -49 dB (0.35%) @ - 53dBu FS (max. gain)
Dynamic Range 92 dB (min.gain)
59 dB (max.gain)
Output Impedance 27 Ohms
Output level +18.5 dBu (max.)
Frequency response 20Hz to 10kHz (+0/-0.25dB)
Distortion @ 1 kHz < -73dB (0,02%)
Dynamic range (20kHz) 95 dB (A-weighted)
L x W x H 111mm x 110mm x 40mm
(*) all specifications are subject to change without notice