Trust is the single most important factor in a purchase decision. Who would you trust if not a peer expert? Someone with a track record in professional audio and a reputation deeply rooted in top tier job assignments. At the same time, isn't the expertise you have to offer of potential economic value?

Starting to benefit from your own reputation and network is easy. Just apply to become an Expert then use, recommend and demo the punQtum tools. That is basically it. You monetize your own network. And even better, over time we'll be sending new contacts and leads your way, helping to increase our mutual benefit. This way we are confident we'll change the game of selling professional tools. From expert to expert. Tools4Pros.

5 Things You Want To Know

Are there any requirements to become a punQtum Expert?

Yes, there are three basic requirements.
A) You must be an independent business owner (registered business), because we work strictly on a B2B basis.
B) You must be committed to the professional audio community and eager to share knowledge, experience and contacts.
C) You should recognize our community-based business-model as your opportunity to build an own punQtum business and make some money on the side.

How do I best develop this side business?

Networking is at the core of your and our business. That is why we recommend to first of all focus on informing and growing your network. How? For example by organizing meet-ups to introduce technology and products while offering an opportunity for networking at the same time. In our experience this works very nice. And of course we are here to help with our expertise. Invite between 5 to 10 peers to your meet-up and encourage the guys to also bring a friend. We recommend to focus on people from our industry, but that of course is your decision. However, we found, that giving them a little demo with our digital intercom system really got their eyes. Get in touch and let us talk about what you need and how we can support you.

How much can I earn as a punQtum Expert?

This totally depends on the time you invest and the leads you are able to convert. However, we do not want you to make this your main source of income. On the contrary, we need you exactly where you are. As an independent audio professional, trusted peer and committed contributor to the community who develops new contacts, leads and business opportunities for yourself and for punQtum.

My main job requires a lot of travel. In spite of this, does it make sense to apply as a punQtum Expert?

It sure does! The nice thing about being a punQtum Expert is that you are totally free in planning your day and scheduling your work as an Expert. Plus, travel more often than not helps you to broaden your network, thus generating more potential business leads.

Where exactly is the benefit for punQtum?

We are a profit-based manufacturer like so many others. But unlike all the others, we believe in the idea of a community of professionals that shares their network and expertise to - in return - receive a fair share of profit when we are successfully selling our products into the professional audio community. We believe that economic success is driven by satisfied customers and their willingness to recommend our products. This is our core belief and the centerpiece of our distribution model. Let's start sharing!

Apply as a punQtum Expert