We all need some help every now and then. We all face "first time" challenges and need some good advice. We all have experience and knowledge to share and love doing so. That is how we build our network. That is what we call a community.

At punQtum we trust in professionalism. We believe in listening to pros as the true source of innovation. We are deeply convinced that professional respect and collaboration is the best recipe for success and satisfaction. And we know, that no one could possibly be a better source of advice than you are. That is why we are building the punQtum community of experts.

We are not philanthropists, mind you. We want to make money. Nevertheless, the punQtum community of experts is as much about networking and learning from each other as it is a B2B platform. We offer solutions, tools and services for event, audio, theatre and broadcast professionals. What makes punQtum special is that the community of experts is the centerpiece of our business model. In a nutshell, you are sharing your knowledge and network and we are sharing the profit that comes our way.


A smart person once said: "Contacts only hurt if you haven't any." That is why we believe in the power of community. Not only your professional skills but the interaction, the sharing of contacts and leads, can be mutually beneficial.

As punQtum we learn from your experience and the challenges that you face on the job. And we offer a platform that helps you earn extra money by monetizing both your experience and your network. Apply as an Expert, test and try, recommend and demo the punQtum solutions, tools and services and earn your fair share of the sales revenue.

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