No-nonsense tools for your professional workflow. To the point, not fancy. Affordable, reliable, recommended by professionals.


Professional events, shows, concerts or broadcasting sets need to be professionally managed. Reliable, precise communications make all the difference. Come on, join the community of dedicated intercom-users.


Technology is developing fast. So are your customers' expectations. You need a firm foundation to meet these challenges. We provide the cornerstones - the right solution for essential tasks.

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The punQtum idea

What is the punQtum idea and why should you be interested in joining? Listen to Arie, our founder. He will explain why the punQtum idea will change the game in professional audio.

Our Products

We started out to be a game changer. That's why we base our products on open standard network technology. That is not only cool, but makes digital intercom affordable. Want to learn more?


Don't trust us, trust your peers. We have discussed the idea with many of your co-workers, competitors and colleagues. This is why they think it is a good idea to be part of the punQtum community.